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Introducing Profecta

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Great news! We recently launched our beta! In order to get everyone up to speed, we wrote a high level writeup that covers the product end to end and answers the burning question: What is Profecta?

What is Profecta?:

Product Zen
This could be you!

The number one problem we’re trying to solve is consolidation of product specifications, product planning, execution, and the communication directly associated with those steps. If the information is limited to one location, your team will have a clearer understanding of the product. On top of that, instead of focusing on enabling design, engineering, or marketing, we’ve taken a PRODUCT focus. We plug in these different disciplines into a way that makes the product vision clearer, and you achieve Product Zen.

How it Works:

Profecta is the end to end solution for managing Product Development. Start with Epics and User Stories and break them down into actionable tasks -- Actions. Plan future sprints using the Backlog, and manage the current sprint's Actions on the Project's Kanban. As the status of Actions are updated by the Developers and Designers, it gets reflected back to the Epics so that you get a clearer picture of how your Product is coming together.

Start an Epic:

Epic filled out for Agile Project Management
An Epic for a Neat Upcoming Feature

Use the “Description” to help describe the overall scope of work for a product feature. The “Description” allows for white boarding and free-form discussion for high level requirements.

Then, break the Epic down into User Stories that can be accomplished in smaller manageable chunks. Check out this crash course  on User Stories from Mountain Goat Software. You can upload assets like wireframes, visuals, and workflow diagrams for each User Story.

Once you’ve identified your User Stories you can determine the Actions (tasks) needed to implement each User Story. Keep in mind, all of this can be done collaboratively. For example, if the Frontend and Backend work will be accomplished by different devs, create an Action for both.

All the Actions you have created in your Epics will populate in the Backlog with status set to “NEW”, type set to the unique ID of your User Story,  and Epic set to the title of your Epic.

Plan and Prioritize Sprints on the Backlog:

Project Backlog

Your newly created Actions from the Epic will need Assignees and Due Dates,  as well as Effort Estimates, Priorities, and Reviewers before they are ready for a Sprint. You can also open up your backlog actions by clicking on the Action ID and add Functional or Technical requirements DIRECTLY into the Description.

You can easily ask your team members for Effort Estimates on Actions, rank your items in order of priority for completion, and much much more. Once you're ready to kickoff a Sprint, you can simply commit it's Actions to the Kanban.

Complete Sprints on the KANBAN

Can you Kanban?

Think of the Kanban as a game. The objective is simple: move all the cards from the Ready column to the Completed column. To do so, there are a few bells and whistles we've built into the platform that may help you get your work done faster.

Obviously the first tool you have is the Action. From any Action popup, you can:

  • View the Action
  • Edit the Action
  • Add/Modify the description
  • Add/Modify checklist items
  • Add/Download multimedia
  • Add Annotations
  • Link files to description
  • Provide/Converse about Effort Estimates
  • And Review said Action

In short, you can do quite a bit! When it comes to the Review of an Action, there are some basic rules that are pretty straightforward:

  1. If you are the Action Assignee, you can move the Action from READY to IN PROGRESS or IN REVIEW
  2. If you are the Action Assigner, you can move the Action from READY to IN PROGRESS or COMPLETE
  3. If you are the Project Admin, you can move the Action from READY to IN PROGRESS or COMPLETE
  4. If you are not the Assignee, Assigner or Project Admin, you can only move the Action from READY to IN PROGRESS as a way to help out teammates if they're swamped.

Archive Actions (Premium Users Only)

Once Action is in the Completed state, simply click the three button icon and select “Archive” from the dropdown. This results in the Action being moved to your ARCHIVE creating a rich Knowledge Base for current and future teammates!

My Actions

When you login, you will be greeted with the My Actions page:

My Actions, Not YOUR Actions

On the My Actions page, you can access all Actions across all Projects. By default we only show you the most pressing items "due this week."

You can also:

  • Work on Actions and Submit them for review and completion.
  • Sort and Filter Actions based on time as well as status
  • Review Actions in the IN REVIEW state that were submitted to you.
  • Provide Effort Estimates for requests that were assigned to you.

That's the basics. For those of you intimated by the large blocks of text, it really just takes 15 minutes to get up and running in Profecta. Schedule your's today!


Vivek and the Profecta Team!


Profecta is ready for you! Sign up now at !
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