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Product Requirements, Tasks, and Reports
- all in one place.

Product Management Made Simple.

Product management requires collaboration over email, file sharing, wikis, ticketing, and task tools. With all these tools, its hard to understand where you are.

Profecta improves product management efficiency in one functional, unified platform.

Ensure what you’re developing, is what you’re expecting.

Use the Epic to aggregate all your requirements in a clear and concise format. Attach visuals and most importantly Actions (tasks), to make sure you’re building to your requirements and the scope of work is clear.

Track development against your requirements to quickly address any ambiguity, confusion, or changing requirements.

Best of all, Epics report product status in REAL TIME!

Collaborate with Context.

Single-threaded comments aren’t “collaboration.”

You need rich features like Annotations, Effort Requests, Reviews, and Mentions to quickly remedy stop gaps, clarify expectations, and keep everyone on the same page.

Profecta has all of that out of the box.

Start Your Day Knowing What You Need to Work On.

With the My Actions Page, you can see all your Actions, Effort Requests, and Review Requests across all your projects.

"Profecta allows me to easily manage work amongst development and marketing teams. Collaboration is built into the action items, reducing email churn and documentation confusion. End users understood how to use the tool with almost no training. We wouldn't have been able to increase our remotely developed release cycles to weekly without Profecta."

Sean Dippold

"Profecta is akin to a mind mapping tool for Product managers. I have tried and used several tools but the simplicity and ease of use of Profecta beats them all."

Vijayashre​e Srinivasan

Intrigo Systems, Inc.

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